Vice-Principal presented with a plagiarised version of his own work!

The Vice-Principal Dr V N Krishnachandran received a mail from the Principal with a PDF file as an attachment. The file was a document containing some guidelines on preparing PowerPoint slides.  There was nothing unusual in that!
But the Vice-Principal was pleasantly surprised to note that the PowerPoint guidelines the Principal had forwarded was a plagiarised version of a set of PowerPoint guidelines the Vice-Principal had himself uploaded in the portal ““. The Principal was note aware of this and came to know of it only when the Vice-Principal pointed it to him.
Original version
The Vice-Principal had uploaded the guidelines in June 2009 and till date had attracted a total of 47,833 views which comes to roughly a 330 views per month on an average. The original guidelines are available at the following link:
Plagiarised version
The plagiarised version, which had been uploaded to the same portal in June 2011 by one Kathryn Harth, Conference Planner for the Division of Continuing Education, Kansas State University, United States, had attracted 59,125 views till date This version is available at the following link:
SlideShare is a hosting service for professional content. Users can upload files in PowerPoint, Word, PDF, etc formats. Content can then be viewed on the site itself. The Vice-Principal has uploaded about 20 presentations (not all of them his creations) to the site.

Principal’s response

I am now confused…!!

Should we be happy that a foreigner found the material so worthy that he decided to copy the same and published it as his own ..??
Or should we be sad that such unscrupulous individuals are still there who live like parasites..??

Heart appreciations to your quality contributions in developing the materials, which has now crossed 100000 views (original and the plagiarised one, put together)…!! .