Onam in the time of Covid!

We all have gone through a never before experience of celebrating the most celebrated festival in Kerala in the severe grip of an intensely spreading pandemic: Celebrating Onam in the time of Covid! The pandemic situation may not have dampened the spirit of the celebratory moments, but the public display of that spirit was somewhat subdued especially in the display and performance of organised cultural events. This is typified by the Pulikkali performance of Thrissur being limited to just one Puli instead of hundreds that was the norm in previous years. But at the domestic level it must have been all celebrations!

The title “Onam in the Time of Covid” is intentionally made to sound like the title “Love in the Time of Cholera” of a gripping novel by Colombian Nobel prize winning author Gabriel García Márquez!

The Editorial Team of News & Events would like remind all that we are still in the grip of Covid and any laxity in adhering to the related protocols may invite unimaginable consequences. The Team is well aware that the readers of these pages are cognizant of the situation; however, the Team believes that one more reminder would only help strengthen that awareness.

Continue to follow Covid protocols strictly.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.