Training on Zoom platform

The current Covid induced lock down has necessitated increasing reliance on online platforms for the conduct of all forms of gatherings, big or small. The Zoom is a popular form online gatherings and most of the online programmes in Vidya are conducted in this platform. For the efficient and effective use of this platform, a full understanding of all the functionalities of the platform is essential. In order to spread awareness about these functionalities and to give hands on training in the use of these functions a hands on training was organised for interested faculty and staff of Vidya on 2 September 2021 with Mr Shali K R, Server Administrator, as the resource person. As many as 14 faculty and staff members participated in the training programme. Among other things, the session included training on the the following functionalities of Zoom platform:

  1. Role change ( Host / Cohost)
  2. Recording ( Cloud/ System)
  3. Waiting room options
  4. Screen Sharing ( Entire Screen, Image, Video etc)
  5. Chat options
  6. Removing users.
  7. User privileges.