Vinergy Solutions: Start up by students of first B Tech (ME) batch of Vidya

The energy formed from the knowledge and friendship of the first batch of ME students of Vidya has grown into Vinergy Solutions Pvt Ltd, a thriving firm  in the business of air-conditioning and allied areas today.

A group of ME students of the first B Tech batch (2003 – 07) of Vidya graduated from the Vidya with a new idea. They decided to take the knowledge and friendship gained from Vidya to the next level and they started a company based in Thrissur called Vinergy. Incidentally, Vinergy is “Vidya + Energy“! The company, which is registered in Thrissur, today plans to expand into residential and commercial air conditioning and security systems, as well as solar systems and building automation. Vinergy team members say that their hobbies in mechanical engineering, training in entrepreneurship and marketing helped them launch and successfully operate the company.