PE Dept bids farewell to Dr Dileep K, Dr Skariah P D and Ms Sruthy Menon

The faculty and staff of the PE Dept of Vidya organised a small function in the faculty room of the Dept on 30 September 2021 to formally bid farewell to their colleagues who had already left or are leaving Vidya for various reasons. The Dept could not organise such a programme before to honour those who had left earlier because of the Covid induced lock down situation. There were brief speeches by those who were bidding farewell to Vidya and also by their colleagues. Those who were saying adieu were also presented with beautiful mementos.

The faculty members who were bidding farewell to Vidya were Dr Dileep K, Dr Skariah P D and Ms Sruthy Menon.

Dr Dileep was leaving Vidya on 30 September 2021 after resigning from Vidya due to personal reasons. Dr  Dileep was a part of Vidya from the very early years of Vidya and was serving as the Professor and Head of Dept at the the time of his resignation. Dr Skariah was serving as Assistant Professor and was also a part of the PE Dept for a long time. Ms Sruthy Menon was serving as an Assistant Professor on a contract basis and she was leaving Vidya on completion of the contractual obligation. Incidentally, Ms Sruthi is an alumnus of the Vidya of the 2012 pass out B Tech batch.

The Editorial Team of News & Events extends their best wishes to the faculty members who are saying adieu to Vidya.

Images of the function