ECE staff member completes online course on digital content writing

Ms Viji Vinodan, Trade Instructor, ECE Dept successfully completed an online course in Digital Content Writing from Henry Harvin Education, a globally recognised institute in corporate training. This certification makes her eligible to establish herself as a professional digital content writer.
What is digital content writing?

“Digital content is any type of information available on the web like blogs, website pages, articles, and advertisements. It’s important to note, however, that all content isn’t written material. Instead, it only includes written copy. Other types of digital content includes image-heavy inforgraphics, email campaigns, and social media graphics. So digital content writing is writing for the internet. It’s different from mainstream writing because the internet audience is far more fickle than the audience of the printed word. Also, if you’re creating digital content, you should know that online readers scan rather than read through. So as a writer, digital content creators should think about ways to hook readers by placing the most impactful message where it’s most visible.” (Quora)