“Bella Ciao!”: CSE Dept bids farewell to outgoing students

Bell Ciao

“Bella Ciao” was the name the junior students of the CSE Dept gave to their programme to bid farewell to the outgoing students of the Dept. “Bella Ciao” is a phrase in the Italian language meaning “Goodbye Beautiful!”. The juniors were trying to say goodbye beautifully!

The programme was held on 9 October 2021 and all the outgoing students of the B Tech (2017 – 21) and M Tech (2019 – 21) batches attended the ceremonies. All the faculty and members of the Dept also attended the ceremonies.

Talks and felicitations

The programme began with a prayer by Aishwariya S (S7 B Tech CSE-A). This was followed by the welcome speech by Yogita R Nair (S7, CSE-B). The programme was anchored by Ifine Maria Abraham (S7, CSE-A) and Vaishnavi Kishore (S7, CSE-B).

The main activities of the programme began by celebrating the placement achievements of the students and their academic excellence. A large number of students of the outgoing batches had been placed in prestigious companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Quest, Speridian, Capgemini, IBS etc. The placement records of the outgoing batches had far exceeded the previous records.

Dr Ramani Bai V (Prof and Head, CSE Dept) sharedsome of her best experiences with students of the pass out batches. She emphasized on the perseverance and dedication shown by the students in producing some of the extraordinary results of the college. She said she felt happy about the achievements and accomplishments of the students in the campus and wished them a happy life ahead with bright career.

Professors Ms Sunitha C (M Tech tutor), Ms Divya K V (B Tech CSE-A tutor), Mr Nakulraj K R (B Tech CSE-B tutor) and Ms Geethu P C (B Tech CSE-B tutor) addressed the students with their inspiring words. They advised the students to show determination and control and to never look back into things in life.  Looking ahead on their upcoming projects they advised them to remain optimistic in life while they took up new projects, assignments, challenges in personal/professional life. They blessed the students for a successful life.

Programme was also felicitated by Professor Mr Amal Ganesh, Ms Ida Davis, Ms Remya P C and Ms Mahalakshmy A.

Awards presentation

The “Gem of CSE “award was presented to Jadhesh P and the “Pride of CSE” award was conferred on Gokul Venugopal. In their reply speeches, they expressed their happiness in receiving these prestigious titles.

Anusree V A (2017-2021, CSE-A) was also felicitated on her academic excellence she had exhibited in  the college and her journey to being the KTU topper. Her achievements indeed inspired a lot of the students.

Fun activities

A number of fun activities and games were also arranged as part of the program: “Movie Hunter”, where the seniors were asked to guess the movie title from the audio clip played, “Story Telling” and “Funny Quiz”. There were active participation and interaction from the seniors and they had thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. Some funny and interesting polls were taken for the outgoing batch and the titles were given to them. The videos of learning experiences by Anila Dinesh, Athira M.R (2017-2021, CSE-A), Edwin Jaison (2017-2021, CSE-A) was shared to the students, enlightening the juniors to aspire for a brighter future.

Outgoing students reply

Students from the junior batch shared their own experiences and memories with their seniors and wished them a great future. Tokens of love and appreciation were given to the outgoing students by the CSE (2018 – 22) batch. The vote of thanks was proposed by Vaishnavi..