College to reopen after Covid lock down

The Kerala Govt has allowed the complete reopening of all institutions of higher education in Kerala, including professional colleges, and the conduct of all classes in the conventional mode with effect from 18 October 2021. The KTU has also endorsed the decision and directed all colleges affiliated to it to commence classes for all ongoing programmes in the conventional mode with effect from 20 October 2021. The classes are to be conducted strictly adhering to all Covid related protocols. Vidya is making hectic preparations for the conduct of classes in the conventional mode as mandated by Kerala Govt and KTU. The College is planning to conduct classes by dividing each batch into two sub-batches and to conduct parallel classes for the two sub-batches.

However, due to the flood-like situation prevailing in Kerala, the Govt has ordered the deferment of the starting offline classes to 25 October 2021. Accordingly, the actual conduct of offline classes may commence only on 25 October 20121.