A “Catch-up Course” for MCA freshers

The first non-academic activity that the MCA Dept took up after the commencement of classes for the freshers is to conduct a survey of the basic computer skills of the newly admitted students of the Dept. Based on the findings of the survey it was decided to organise a “Catch-up Course” for those students who were found to be lacking in the basic skills in using the Office packages. A syllabus for the course was drafted covering the essential features of the Office package. The syllabus also included some advanced features like creation of a well planned Google form and of a professionally looking website using Google sites. The training in these advanced skills have been deferred for the time being are planned to be executed in the the month of January 2022.  The details of the sessions conducted so far are as under.

Sl. No. Skill Date on which the training was provided Resource person (all faculty members of MCA Dept)
1 Customizing Email 30 October 2021 Mr Sajay K R
2 MS Word 13 November 2021 Mr Dijesh P
3 PowerPoint 20 November 2021 Ms Salkala K S
4 MS Excel 04 December 2021 Ms Aparna S Balam
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