A new team to lead VIBE in 2022

The acronym VIBE stands for Vidya Initiative for Better Engineering and it captures in a nutshell the

Ms Divya Unni
Dr Deepa Mohan

vibrant vibe of Vidya campus and also Vidya’s commitment to providing the best engineering education. A sine qua non for bettering the teaching learning processes of engineering education is to attract the brightest young minds to the world of engineering education. With this in mind, the VIBE team has been organising over the last several years several innovative programmes targeted at the prospective students and their parents emphasizing why a career in engineering is highly satisfying and challenging in every aspect.

A new team with Dr Deepa Mohan (Asso Prof, CE Dept) as Convener, Ms Divya Unni (AP, ECE Dept) as Co-Convener and Dr Jiby Jose K (Prof and Head, AS Dept) as Advisor has been constituted to lead the activities of VIBE in the academic year 2022.

The VIBE-2022 team


Dr Jiby Jose K (AS & H) Advisor


Dr Deepa Mohan (CE) Convener


Ms Divya Unni (ECE)

Core Team Coordinators

  1. Ms Ardra P Nair (CE)
  2. Ms Shameem S (CSE)
  3. Mr Praveesh V V (EEE)
  4. Mr Anil Paul (ME)
  5. Ms Lakshmi N S (PE)
  6. Dr Sobha A P (AS)
Why engineering?

The VIBE 2021 team had come up with a beautifully designed multi-page poster for dissemination among the public highlighting the reasons why engineering is a better career option for young talented students.Here are a few pages from the poster.