Discussions on ArtsFest begin: The campus is vibrant again!

All students, faculty and staff of the College are back in campus and the campus is vibrant again with all the activities that make great campus great! The College was remaining closed since 13 January 2022 as a precautionary measure to avoid the the spread of Covid-19 and its many variants in the campus and the College was reopened on 31 January 2022 to resume normal activities.

That the College authorities have started discussions on conducting an ArtsFest in the campus, the annual gala cultural event to showcase hidden talents of students, is indicative of the feeling of normality that is gradually returning to the campus after the years of pandemic induced inactivity and uncertainties.

However, the Editorial Team of News & Events would like to caution all that the threats of the pandemic are still there and it would be unwise to relax in the implementation of Covid protocols.