Congratulations: Best paper award to Dr Sobha A P (Applied Science Dept)

Dr Sobha A P (Asso Prof, Applied Sciences dept) received the Best Paper Award for a research paper titled “Polyaniline wrapped Graphene/TPU composites – a potential candidate for electromagnetic interference shielding” presented in the 2022  IEEE International Conference on Nanoelectronics, Nanophotonics, Nanomaterials, Nanobiosensors & Nanotechnology (5NANO 2022) organised by Mangalam College of Engineering, Kottayam, during 28 – 29April 2022.

Congratulations to Dr Sobha AP!

The research paper was based on the work performed as part of  a KTU CERD-RSM research project. The KTU CERD-RSM project (Proceedings No. KTU/RESEARCH 2/3698/2017, dated: 23.11.2017) titled “Development of Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Gaskets from Polyaniline wrapped Graphene nanosheet/Polyurethane composites” was completed successfully in November 2020.


Centre for Engineering Research and Development (CERD) was established in the campus of College of Engineering, Trivandrum, with the objective of  augmenting research activities in the state as well as to inculcate a research culture among the students and faculty members. The CERD council include Minister of education, Principal Secretary (Higher Education), Director IIT MADRAS, Director VSSC, Director NPOL Cohin, Director IISER Trivandrum etc. From its initiation, various schemes are implemented by the Centre to motivate, mentor and support researchers.

Objective of the Research Seed Money (RSM) scheme is to provide financial assistance for initiating research in frontier areas of engineering and technology. Any faculty member with less than 15 years teaching experience in colleges affiliated to KTU  with at least one NBA accredited program currently or had accreditation and applied for accreditation can apply for financial assistance under this scheme.