MCA Dept faculty, staff, students and alumni bid farewell to their dear “HoD Sir”

The day of 31 May 2022 turned out to be an important day in the history of MCA Dept of Vidya. It was on that day Dr V N Krishnachandran, who had in his capacity as the Head of Dept and with the total and unreserved support of his colleagues built over several years the present reputation of the Dept as the best MCA Dept in Kerala, retired from Vidya’s service.  He was retiring from service consequent on attaining 70 years of age in the month of May 2022. The Dept organised a series of programmes to mark the occasion.

An informal get together over lunch

The Dept did not organise a formal farewell ceremony attended exclusively by the faculty and staff of the Dept. Instead, an informal get together over lunch was arranged wherein everybody kept mostly silent perhaps because the intensely felt emotions prevented them from talking! It appeared that nobody wanted to say goodbye to their dear HoD Sir!

Memento presentation

However after the lunch, the faculty and staff of the Dept managed enough courage to present a memento to their HoD Sir as the proverbial token of love, regard and respect. HoD Sir very graciously accepted the memento and looked extremely pleased with the novelty and beauty of the memento. He thanked his colleagues for the sumptuous lunch and also for the elegant memeneto.

Full Dept meeting to bid farewell

Under the auspices of ViCA (Vidya Computer Applications Association), a meeting was held in the Main Seminar Hall of the College in the afternoon of 31 May 2022 to formally bid farewell to the Head of MCA Dept. The meeting was attended by all the faculty, staff and students of the Dept and most surprisingly and most happily by some of the alumni of the Dept. The presence of Ms Soumia, a student of the first MCA Batch of Vidya (2006 – 09) was particularly delightful.

On the occasion, representatives of faculty, students and alumni spoke of the several ways in which their dear HoD Sir influenced them, helped them in moments of crisis and inspired them for living as better individuals. The alumni presented him mementos as simple expressions of their gratitude for all the things he had done to make them what they are now. The alumni had also brought a cake for distribution among all present as an expression their of their many sweet Vidya memories.

Handing over charge to new HoD

After the programme in the Seminar Hall, the faculty and staff returned to the MCA Dept. Dr Reji C Joy, who would be taking over charge as the new Head of MCA Dept, was led to the Office Room of the Head of MCA Dept and the HoD Sir formally handed over charge of the Dept to her and she was graciously allowed to take the seat of the Head of MCA Dept.

Colleagues’ visit to HoD Sir’s house

After all the ceremonies HoD Sir returned to his house at about 4,45 pm. Dr Saji C B, Principal, made it a point to personally see off HoD Sir at the time of his departure from Vidya. All colleagues of HoD Sir accompanied him in his return journey to his house. They stayed a short while in his house, met his family members and wished him once again a healthy, happy and peaceful retired life.

A video capturing some of the moments of the function in the Main Seminar Hall