EEE alumni team secures first position in IGNITE Innovation Challenge 2022

A project titled “Krishi Vikas” prepared by a team of Vidya alumni (2017-21 B Tech EEE Batch) consisting of Jincy Jose, Ushas P A, Kevin George and Swathi K Sunil under the Guidance of Mr Anil M (Nodal Officer – IEDC and AP, ECE Dept) secured first position in the Ignite Innovation Challenge 2022. Mr.Vishnu Rach (AP, EEE Dept), Mr Sankaran Namboothiri and Mr Ashwin T Surendran (former AP’s in the EEE Dept) coordinated the project led by Dr Mary Varghese (Head of EEE Dept).

Krishi Vikas: The device that fetched the prize

The device is an improvised model of a device that the Vidya alumni had developed as part of their final year B Tech project in Vidya. The team is one among the five winners from 52 colleges across the state and 160 registrations and close to 500 participants. The competition focused on the domains rural well-being, accessibility and inclusion and micro enterprises.

Krishi Vikas is a multipurpose solar powered insect pest trap and is a farmer-friendly product. Controlling pests can seem like an impossible battle. A pest trap helps to reduce the usage of pesticides to a large extent. The system is fully automatic and powered by solar energy. The product destroys crop pests and converts the dead pests into organic manure. The fully solar-powered machine can function during daytime as well as nighttime. Dual-type trapping facility is included. Pests are destroyed using high voltage electric energy. A layman can use it easily because of the low current flow. The machine also has the facility to combine these dying pests with organic matter and compost it into organic manure.

The machine is also equipped with a safety feature to protect it from rain. They have set up compartments for storing the belongings of those working in the fields and a mobile phone charge point in the system. It includes an anti-theft system too. The proposed product can reduce the efforts of farmers and provide them with a high yield. The Product does not target beneficial insects like bees etc. In the daytime, pheromone usage helps to target destructive pests in the agricultural fields. So it is an eco-friendly product.

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