Advika 2022: Here are all the winners!

After the successful completion of Advika 2022, Vidya’s arts festival, Ms Ida David and Mr Sojan Francis, Staff Advisors of Student Senate, have officially released the list of all the prize winners in each and every one of a total of 152 competitions that were conducted as part of the fest. The Editorial Team of News Events is happy to make available to the readers of News & Events this valuable and interesting document. It is valuable because it is a record of the details of the all the students who have exhibited exceptional artistic talents! It is interesting because the readers are sure to find names of their favourite students or closest friends among the list.

The lists
Category Total number of items Links to lists of prize winners
Offstage events 41 Click here: Offstage
Onstage items: Individual events 32 Click here: Onstage – Individual
Onstage items: Group events 24 Click here: Onstage – Group