ME students develop petrol-electricity hybrid auto

A group of ME students of Vidya, as part of their final year project, designed and developed a novel hybrid auto that can run both on petrol and electricity. The novelty of the design is that there is a mechanism to conveniently switch the mode of operation from petrol to electricity and vice-versa. This mechanism is useful when for example the auto is negotiating a steep climb up and the electric power seems to be insufficient to pull the vehicle the running can be switched to the petrol mode. The team consisting of O V Akhil, Alan David, P S Greeshma and K Kiran Raj completed the project under the support and guidance of Dr N Ramachandran (Prof and Head, ME Dept) and Mr Sarath Babu Ramachandran (AP, ME Dept). The device attracted a lot of attention in both print and electronic media.

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