Departments conduct Parent Teacher (PT) Meeting

To facilitate communication between parents, teachers , students and the Principal and to enrich the learning environment , all the departments of Vidya conducted PT Meeting during 15-20 June 2022.

The departments CE, CSE, EEE, ECE ME and MCA  that excels in the academic standards provided a a platform for parents, guardians, and teachers of students to meet, exchange and to analyze issues to maintain the mutual understanding and  harmonious relationship. The respective heads of departments and group tutors addressed the meeting and  healthy discussions were held for the development of the students where they discussed both the strengths and areas of improvements. The PT  meeting came to an end with the conclusion that joint effort, mutual understanding and co-operation of parents and teachers is very important for the proper nourishment and progress of students. PT meeting was held under the guidance of  respective Heads of Departments.

CE Dr Justine C Jose
EEE Dr Mary Varghese 
ECE Dr S Swapna Kumar
ME  Dr Ramachandran
MCA Dr  Reji C Joy