Dr V N Krishnachandran joins as Honorary Chief Editor of News & Events

The editorial team of News & Events has been reconstituted with effect from 01 June 2022 by creating a new position titled “Honorary Chief Editor” and by appointing Ms Surabhi M S (Assistant Librarian) as the Editor. Dr V N Krishnachandran (former Vice-Principal and Head of MCA Dept) who has been serving as the Editor of News & Events has been nominated as the first Honorary Chief Editor of News & Events. He kindly consented to assume the new role. Ms Surabhi, the newly appointed Editor, and other members of the editorial team expressed their great delight in the nomination of Dr Krishnachandran as the Honorary Chief Editor and they were happy that the former Vice-Principal would be continuing to serve in the editorial team of News & Events though in a new role.

As Editor, Dr Krishnachandran has been working driven by a desire to constantly improve the quality of News & Events and had been performing a wide range of responsibilities to ensure the smooth and timely publication of each and every issue of the News & Events weekly newsletter since 2016. Dr Krishnachandran is a man with a creative vision, with a strong command of the English language, with great skills in written communications and with strong leadership traits. His efforts to make the content of the newsletter highly readable and interesting have been widely appreciated. The whole Vidya community is looking forward to the days when the News & Events newsletter, under the new editorial team, takes the newsletter to still greater heights of glory and perfection.