CE students enhance their real-world knowledge

To enhance the disciplined observation skills and to improve the thought process, by physically witnessing and experiencing, an industrial visit was conducted by the department of  Civil Engineering. The S6 CE students attained a  memorable real-world experience  and interactive sessions  with some of the prominent people from the profession while visiting Chuvannamannu aqueduct, Kannadi aqueduct Syphon aqueduct at Koduvayur  and Malampuzha dam.

Visit to Chuvannamannu,  Kannadi & Syphon Aqueduct

The students observed different structural changes and specifics of the aqueduct. They were also introduced to different design modification done in cross drainage works for aqueducts in practical scenarios like Bullnose modification in piers, design specification like Flux Level, purposes of Spring side walls on their visit to aqueducts.

Malampuzha Dam Visit

The dam officials explained the need and different instruments of infiltration gallery and the effect of seepage and different dam safety parameters set in place . The students were permitted  to study  the infiltration gallery, canal regulator and associated structures shutter system, catchment area of the dam, and photo gallery depicting the history of the dam.

The participants were able to relate their theoretical knowledge with actual structures and the visit served as  an appropriate mix of fun and insightful learning.