An Innovative equipment by EEE Students to make physiotherapy smarter

Vidya students are equipped with the right talent and qualities to face the industry requirements. This is proved again when the students of EEE Dept developed a machine with a user-friendly interface for users.

After a knee joint surgery, due to severe pain and immobility of the patient, the tissue around the knee becomes harder and knee stiffness will occur. Hence a special purpose equipment, namely ‘Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)’ is developed by the students.

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)

A Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machine is an apparatus that can be used for patients after the surgery. This device prevents several problems by stimulating joint tissues flowing synovial fluid and blood around the knee joint. In this project, a new, cheap, light, and portable CPM machine with an appropriate interface, is designed and built.

This equipment is controlled via an Android-based application. Therefore, the users can use this machine easily via their own smart phones without an extra controlling device. This equipment is a portable device with smooth motion for comfortable use of the patient due to its apt size. Smooth movement without any vibration and adjusting capability for different anatomies are other merits of this new CPM machine.

The team

Vivek Wilson Neelamkavil, Vishnu K, Safir K S, and Kiran N S (S8,EEE Dept) developed  this equipment under the guidance of Mr Praveesh V V (Asst Prof, EEE Dept). Dr Mary Varghese (HoD, EEE Dept) extended wholehearted support.

The students are trying to explore the market potential of this machine and upgradation of the same to bring it to the market .

The Editorial Team of  News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in wishing  heartfelt congratulations on their achievement .  Good luck and achieve great success!