EEE Student completed RPA course by ICT Academy of Kerala

To enhance the knowledge spectrum which are beyond their regular curriculum, many of  our  students are  pursuing  different online courses.

Sachin Sudheesh (S8, EEE Dept ) is the latest entrant to this group. He   has successfully completed the Certified Specialist in Robotic Process Automation (250 hours) program conducted by ICT Academy of Kerala in association with NORKA ROOTS from 05 October 2021 to 26 March 2022.

ICT Academy has launched the “RPA Learning Trail” for interested stakeholders. This learning program is aimed at introducing RPA – Robotic Process Automation Skills to the students and give them a road map towards their RPA journey and how to shape their career by learning the development of Digital Workforce of the future. This learning journey is exclusive for the ICT Academy Member Institutions across India
Hearty Congratulations to Sachin and Best wishes for your continued success.