ME students develop Smart Windows to convert window light into electricity 

A team of final year students of the Mechanical Engineering Department of  Vidya  has built smart windows to use the window light to generate electricity for home use. Solar panels mounted on specially made windows facing the sunlight are turned appropriately to utilize the solar energy. The solar panels can be installed in offices and homes to replace shutters on windows to prevent sunlight from entering. Depending on the intensity of the sunlight, the solar panels turn and block the light from entering inside.According to this, the light will not enter inside the rooms and it generates electricity for home use including mobile charging. During the rainy season, the light is less, so it stays open at a fixed distance.

The Team

The architects of the smart window are S8 ME students, Muhammad Anas – a native of Guruvayur Brahmakulam, Mukund Harikumar – a native of Irinjalakuda, Nandakumar – a native of Kotali, Pudukkad, and Nahid Milan-  a native of Pattikad. The project was guided by Alex Chacko (Asst. Prof, ME Dept ) and Anil Paul (Asst. Prof, ME Dept ).Dr N Ramachandran (Prof and Head, ME Dept) extended wholehearted support.

This innovative idea attracted media attention and the news got wide media coverage.

Hearty Congratulations to all involved and Best wishes to climb the ladder of success.