Hands-on training on IoT and Robotics 

Hands-on training on IoT and Robotics

The rise of robotics technology and industry spending provide a great opportunity for those who are interested in artificial intelligence and robotics.

To motivate and equip the students of neighboring schools with the latest technology on IoT (The internet of things) and Robotics, Vidya Initiative for Better Engineering (VIBE-2022) in association with Vidya Skill Centre and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center (IEDC) organized a hands-on training about IoT and Robotics on  07 July 2022 in CAD / CAM Lab of the college.

The welcome address was delivered by Ms Divya K V  (Asst. Prof, CSE Dept )  The  session was arranged with the support of  Mr Anil Melepurath (IEDC nodal officer, Asst. Prof, ECE Dept). Sachin Sudheesh (S8, EEE Dept), Krishnadev (S4, ME Dept) and Abhishek (S4, EEE Dept) served as the resource persons for the program.

Mr. Alex Chacko (Asst. Prof, ME Dept) handled an interactive session in the afternoon. Mr Girish Kumar PC ( Librarian), Dr. Anjali P. Sasidharan  (Asst. Prof. of  CE), Ms Seetha Pisharikkel  (Asst. Prof, CE Dept) and Ms Anooja V S (Asst. Prof, EEE Dept) co-ordinated the  entire session.