VSEC Announces Vidya Science Scholarship for School Students

Vidya Social Empowerment Center (VSEC) an initiative of Vidya International Charitable Trust announces a Scholarship program to support students of eighth standard with scholarship amount for five years.

Vidya Science Scholarship

Vidya Science Scholarship for 5 years is open for the most talented students who have recently graduated from the 7th grade and are now in their eighth grade. The Scholarship begins from the year 2022 to 2027 and aims at promoting science awareness among school students. The scholarship will be given yearly based on the progress evaluation throughout the academic year. The students will be selected through a Scholarship test named  “Vidya Science Talent Test” which will be conducted on 29 July 2022 for eighth standard students from Thrissur district. The examination will be conducted online between 7.30 pm and 8 pm.

The specific goal stands to support students in their middle and high school for their academic growth by raising awareness through motivational and educational talks.

Vidya Science Scholarship Coordinators are Ms Salkala K S (Asst Prof, MCA Dept) and Roshni Vijay (Asst Prof, CE Dept) and Aswin V P (S4 ME Dept). They are supported by the energetic team members Abin Joshy (S4, ME Dept), Akhila M (S4, ECE Dept), Evelina Rose Joju(S4, CSE Dept), Sreya M S (S2, ECE Dept)and Jesto K J (S4, ECE Dept). VSEC Student Volunteers and Core team members have been supporting the team.

Dr Siju K C (Head of  VSEC and Asst Prof, App Sc Dept) has been guiding the team with the constant support of Er P K Asokan (Chief Patron), Mr K K Thilakan (EC Member, VICT)  and Director of VSEC Mr P N Unnirajan IPS Retd.