Heartfelt wishes to Dr N Ramachandran for a happy retired life

Dr N Ramachandran

Dr N Ramachandran (Professor  and Head, ME Dept)  who has left an imprint on the heart of many  students and colleagues with his commendable services in various capacities retired  from Vidya on 31 August 2022.

Farewell ceremony to Dr N Ramachandran arranged by  Principal’s Office

To grace the special occasion on the retirement of  Dr Ramachandran , Principal’s Office arranged a farewell function in the Principal’s Cabin on 31 August 2022. Dr Saji C B (Principal), all heads of departments representing both academic and non academic departments attended the function. All the attendees recollected about Dr Ramachandran ‘s exemplary contributions to the overall  growth of Vidya.

A memento was presented as a token of gratitude and respect on behalf of the Principal’s office to Dr Ramachandran. Dr Ramachandran expressed his great sense of appreciation  both the farewell party and the retirement gift bestowed upon him for the outstanding send off.

Dr Ramachandran promised to extend wholehearted support for the betterment of  Vidya even in his post-retirement years.

ME Dept pays heartfelt tribute to Dr N Ramachandran

Dr Ramachandran always preferred to nail a speech that engages the audience with humor and carry smiles to faces surrounding him as always….The event was about the farewell party organized by ME Dept on  31 August 2022 to pay a heartfelt homage to their own dearest HoD Sir with deepest respect and to make their  HoD’s retirement day, a day to always remember.

Balancing all the abilities and skills of professional education, the Mechanical Dept  became a citadel of knowledge and wisdom for the students under his ‘leadership which inspired others to strive to perform  their duties  better by working as a team .

The ME staff members were summoned to speak about their HoD sir. All the members who spoke on the occasion, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their HoD for being instrumental in shaping their personalities and providing them with stellar opportunities. They recollected about his outstanding perseverance and commitment to promoting excellence in the engineering field. Dr Ramachandran that always brought us candy, is  always eager to help and set amazing examples for the young generations to follow.

Dr Ramachandran emotionally recollected his experience and moments in the college especially in the ME Dept. He reminded that we should learn and imbibe within us pride for the teaching profession and a sense of oneness that we, as members of staff in Vidya, are one big family. Dr Ramachandran thanked them all for their sincere cooperation and support in carrying out the various activities in Vidya.

Deepest farewell by  Heads of Departments

To pay a befitting farewell to Dr Ramachandran, the Heads of  Depts organizesd a send-off function. The heads (Dr Justine Jose (CE Dept) , Dr Remini Bai V (CSE Dept), Dr S Swapna Kumar (ECE, Dept)  Dr Mary P Varghese (EEE Dept), Dr Jiby Jose ( AS Dept) and  Dr Reji C Joy (MCA Dept) paid  a visit to Dr Ramachandran’s office. They shared the effort, time, and experiences he has  provided to everyone with gratitude.

They gifted him a memento as a symbol of their warmth and respect for all the remarkable contributions offered  by  Dr Ramachandran . They conveyed  their wishes for contented retired life. Dr Ramachandran assured to provide all sort of possible helps and assistance both in personal and professional life.