Grama Panchayat Visit by Intership Students – VSEC

As part of Students’ Internship Program on “Sustainable development and Energy Conservation” under the Guidance of Dr Vimal Kumar T V (Co-ordinator, Energy Management Centre, Govt. of Kerala),  26 students volunteers of Vidya Social Empowerment Center (VSEC) from Vidya  visited 4 Grama panchayats namely Kolazhy, Velur, Kaiparambu and Adat for a brief interview with the panchayat Presidents on 17 September 2022.  Four teams of 5 members each, visited the respective panchayats. One team has planned the visit on 24 September 2022.

Group 1  led by Karthika M Nair (S5 ECE Dept) and its members Jincy P.J (S5, ECE Dept), M Sangamesh (S3, ECE Dept), Suraj Shaju Meledath (S3, EEE Dept) and Sebastian Jacob (S3, EEE Dept), visited Kolazhy Grama Panchayat and collected the Project Plans and Vikasana Rekha from Panchayat Vice Secretary Ms Sunila V G.

Group 2 led by Sanjo P Regin (S5, ECE Dept) and its team members  Silpa VS (S5,  ECE Dept),  Mohammad Afsal (S5, ME Dept),  Varundev  (S3, ECE Dept) and Gayathri Gireesh (S3, ECE Dept) visited Adat Panchayat, and had a discussion with the Panchayat President Ms.Simi Ajithkumar on the ongoing sustainable development Projects and the future plans.

Group 3 led by Arjun Rajeev (S5, ME Dept) and its team members Sreya M S (S3, ECE Dept), Geetanjali V R (S5, EEE Dept), Segin Xavier K (S5, EEE Dept), Mohammed Suhail (S5, EEE Dept) and Akhil P M(S5,  EEE Dept) visited Kaiparambu Panchayat and received the Vikasana Rekha from Panchayat President Ms K K Usha Devi.

Group 4 led by Evelina Rose Joju (S5, CSE Dept) and  team members Anjali V (S3, ECE Dept), Jesto K J (S5, ECE Dept), Vaanisha Murali (S5, ECE Dept) and Sudev Nair (S5, ECE Dept) visited Velur  Panchayat for a brief discussion and received the Vikasana  Rekha from Panchayt President Mr Shobi T R.

Overall, the visit to the various Panchayats was both informative as well as encouraging for the students to come up with new ideas to help the society. They had a unique experience while the queries raised by each group members in the respective Panchayats was responsibly replied in a friendly manner. They had discussions on the ongoing Projects, future Projects and also the challenges they had to face while implementing the Projects.

They also requested the students to come forward with ambitious and realistic plans that can be implemented for the welfare of the society and pledged their unwavering support. Dr Siju K C (Asst Prof, AS Dept and  Head of VSEC) has been constantly supporting and guiding the students throughout the ongoing Internship.