Vidya Toppers in First Semester B.Tech Examinations

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The APJAKTU has recently published the results of the first semester B.Tech examinations. As many as ten students have secured SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average)  9 and above in the first semester examinations.

Name of the Student



Lakshmi  Krishnan 9.59 CSE 
Meenakshi C V 9.53 CE
Amrita Sathyan 9.29 CE
Jidhin  N S 9.24 CSE 
Sreelakshmi  V B 9.24 CSE 
 Akash R 9.18 CSE 
Saurave  V S 9.12 CSE 
Adhul Babu K B  9.06 EEE
Megha  Raj 9.06 CSE 
Sanjay Krishna 9 ME
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending heartfelt appreciations to the proud students on attaining this milestone and wishing all the best to take the full effort and perseverance to achieve success and accomplish your desired goals.