Vidya Kabaddi Team wins trophy for Champion (Men) and Runner Up (Women) in the E Zone Championship

The  potential of each students is identified and honed in Vidya. This has brought many achievements in the field of sports as well .

The latest into this session is the result of E Zone Inter Collegiate Kabaddi championship. College Kabaddi Men team became Champions and Women team Runner Up in the E Zone Inter Collegiate Kabaddi championship held at NSS Engineering college Palakkad on 31 October 2022. The Teams also qualified to Inter Zone championship to be held at KMEA, Ernakulam

Kabaddi  Team – Men  Kabaddi  Team – Women
1 Adarsh K P S7, CE Dept 1 Ashwiny Menon S7,  ECE Dept
2 Sai Sayooj S3, CSE Dept 2 Sandra J S7,  ECE Dept
3 Muhammad Yazin S5, ME Dept 3 Ashna Merlin S7,  EEE Dept
4 Gopu Surjith S7, CE Dept 4 Pooja A R S7,  EEE Dept
5 Nikhil P H S5, EEE Dept 5 Sreelakshmi S7,  EEE Dept
6 Anirud K S S3, ECE Dept 6 Sneha S5, CE Dept
7 Adharsh K S S5, CE Dept 7 Namitha Menon S3,  CSE Dept
8 Abijith E S3, CSE Dept 8 Gayathri P A S1,  ECE Dept
9 Hrithik Sukumaran S7, ME Dept 9 Anupama Vinod S1,  CSE  Dept
10 Joel  Joseph S7, CE Dept , 10 Ima T S S1,  CSE  Dept
11 Athul Krishna  V A S5, CE Dept 11 Pooja Lakshmi A S S3, CE Dept
12 Gagan Udyuth S3, CSE Dept 12 Akshara Rajeev S1,  ECE Dept
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending heartiest congratulation  to the vibrant Team Members of Kabaddi on winning this impressive titles and  wishing all the best to come out with flying colors  in the  Inter Zone championship.