NSS Volunteers of Vidya stay actively involve in Drug Awareness Campaign

The NSS volunteers of  Vidya have been conducting several awareness campaigns and programmes  to  educate people about the risks and consequences of abusing drugs .

The volunteers took part in a  drug awareness program christened ‘Lahari Virudha Keralam’ on 01 November 2022. The program was conducted in collaboration with the Velur Panchayath and the Health Department. The volunteers participated in the 1 km rally and performed a flashmob at various places on the theme ‘Drug Awareness’. The volunteers made placards and posters regarding the program and actively volunteered in the traffic management during the program. About 50 volunteers participated in this event and made it a grant success.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending hearty appreciations  to all the  NSS volunteers for all the commendable efforts for motivating the public to contribute towards an addiction free society !!!