First year students attend K-Skill Programme under the aegis of ASAP

The K-Skill campaign is a skill training programme launched under the aegis of the higher education department’s Additional Skill Acquisition Programme Kerala (ASAP).

To make the students aware about the importance of acquring skills , the opportunities and benefits they can obtain by taking up skill development courses during their graduation period, a training workshop was conducted during 29-30 November 2022 for the first year students  in association with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center (IEDC) and Skill Development Centre (SDC) of  Vidya, as part of K-Skill Window 3 Campaigning Activities of ASAP Kerala.

The training module was planned and modulated with the support of the Master Trainers and Skill Development Executives(SDEs) of ASAP Kerala. The induction training was held  for 6 hours with modules comprising of soft skill sessions, various activities for student engagement and a final session detailing the importance of skill development for a bright future. The training module was curated by the ASAP Master Trainers.

The training session implemented in a holistic skill development perspective. The training played a major role in motivating students to be aware of the changes taking place in the world and to expand their field of knowledge.

The training  was co-ordinated by  Mr Anil M (IEDC Nodal Officer, SDC Head and Asst Prof, ECE Dept)

Hearty appreciations to Mr Anil, IEDC and SDC Team !!!