Staff Club Day Celebration 2023

Reliable workplace interactions will  strongly influence productivity, morale, and wellbeing of every member of staff in an institution.

Staff  Club Day was celebrated on 04 February 2023 in the college auditorium.The function started with a  welcome address by Ms Neenu Thomas ( Staff Club Secretary and Asst Prof, EEE Dept).The special addresses made by Dr  Saji C B (Principal) and Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean-Academics) gave a sweet vibe  that offered Staff  Members  a quick break from the daily hectic schedules  to regenerate that spark for the next one.  Mr Boby Peter (Asst Manager – General Administration) also addressed on the occasion .

The cultural events started with a graceful performance of Ms Baby K A (Trade Instructor, ECE Dept) that enthralled the audience. The audience pulsated with excitement when the Staff  Members from EEE Dept presented a dance (choreographed by Mr Anand E T, Trade Instructor, EEE Dept)  bringing together old melody and a cosmic folk tune under the leadership of Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean-Academics) and  Ms Mary P Varghese  (HoD, EEE Dept).The performance of kids of staff members (Ms Jemy and Ms Vandana from ECE Dept), Johan and Malavika really mesmerized the spectators.The celebratory mood continued with a revitalizing performance of ECE Dept with a centre of attraction Dr S Swapna Kumar (HoD, ECE Dept). The viewers  were elated to see their colleagues from CE Dept celebrating the day with an enthralled performance led by Dr Justine C Jose (HoD, CE Dept).

Subsequently, melodious songs that sung by Dr Vineetha C P (Asst Prof, AS Dept), Dr S Swapna Kumar (HoD, ECE Dept),Mr Anand E T (Trade Instructor, EEE Dept) and Mr Subish C S (Technical Support Associate, CSE Dept) charmed the audience with old melodies. The melodious songs presented by VICT and EEE Depts could swing listeners’ moods.Various games were also conducted to strengthen the team spirit of participants.  The vibrant compering done by Mr Arun PR (Trade Instructor, EEE Dept) amused the audience and made the event lively .

The celebrations mark an opportunity for Staff  Members to showcase their talents and a great way to bring everyone together from different departments.

Hearty appreciations to all involved !!!