Vidya Toppers in Second Semester B Tech Examinations

The APJAKTU has recently published the results of the second semester B Tech examinations. As many as 13  students have secured SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) 9 and above in the sixth  semester examinations.

# Name SGPA Dept # Name SGPA Dept
1 R Akash 9.79 CSE 8 Athulkrishnan H 9.26 CSE
2 Sreelakshmi V B 9.76 CSE 9 Lakshmi Krishnan 9.24 CSE
3 Jidhin N S 9.55 CSE 10 Adharsh K S 9.21 ECE
4 Meenakshi C V  9.48 CE 11 Aswin E V 9.12 CSE
5 Saurave V S 9.45 CSE 12 Ardra Nair A  9.1 CSE
6 Divya Devaraj 9.43 CSE 13 Adhul Babu K B 9.05 EEE
7 Joel Joseph 9.33 CSE
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending heartiest congratulations to our proud students on producing this remarkable result  wishing all the best to keep reaching for the stars !!!