Vidya‘s Top Performers in Fourth  Semester B Tech Examinations

The APJAKTU has recently published the results of the fourth semester B Tech examinations. As many as  11 students have secured SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) 9 and above in the fourth  semester examinations.

Name of the student SGPA Branch
Neha Baju 9.55 CSE
Neeraja K 9.45 CSE
Mohammed Ismail P K 9.45 ME
Sivakami P 9.27 CSE
Akarsha K 9.27 CE
Sreyas Unni 9.18 CSE
Febin Rajan 9.09 CSE
Athulya T Rajesh 9.09 CSE
Athul K S 9.09 ME
Alphy Anto 9.05 CE
Suryajith Sudheeran 9 CSE
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity  in extending hearty appreciations to our proud students on achieving this feat and wishing all the best to keep up the next level of performance to attain triumph and accomplish your goals !!!