VYVIDH 2K23 organisers conducts ‘Press Meet’ at Press Club

To present updates, announcements, solicit feedback, share and  to drop more light on the upcoming Vidya’s Techfest “Vyvidh 2023” and to make awareness about  the fest to the general public the Central Committee of Vyvidh 2K23 conducted a press meet on 13 March 2023 at Press Club, Erumappetti.

Ms Surabhi M S (Media Convener, Vyvidh 2K23) made the opening announcement and welcomed all the attendees representing different print and electronic media. Mr Vishnu Shaji (Convener, Vyvidh 2K23) led the press meet.

The events hosted by Central Committee ‘AVISHKAR’ – for final year students of Diploma, B Tech, M Tech, ‘EXPRIMERE- a paper presentation competition and spot photography competition ‘SHUTTERUP’ with prizes were well explained by Mr Vishnu Shaji. He also touched upon the cultural extravaganza ‘D’GROOVES CHOREONITE’ that provides the contestants to face the choreo challenges and win attractive.

The departments’ attractions that include ‘VASTATVA’ to highlight Tensegrity principle with  illusion rooms of Civil, E-Sports competition ‘RESPAWN ‘ by the Dept of Computer Science, ‘HAULIN’TORQUE of Electronics and Communication were communicated. A brief description on the highlights like car and bike expo ‘AGNICHAKRA’ by the Dept of Mechanical. ‘ELECSPIRE’ hosted by the Dept of Electrical and Electronics and ‘ADWAITHA hosted by MCA and ‘COLORCLOVE’ by AIML was given during the press meet. The students also explained about all the events and gave answers for all the queries.

Mr Vishnu Shaji (Convener, Vyvidh 2K23), Ms Siji K B  (Joint Convener,VYVIDH ‘23) , Ms Surabhi (Media Convener), Ms Jemy (Ast Prof , ECE Dept), Nakul R  (S8, ECE Dept), Athul S Menon (S8, ECE Dept),  Athul K S (S8, ME Dept), attended the Press Meet.

Finally all the media personnel were invited to attend ‘Vyvidh 2K23’ which is conducted during 17-18 March 2023.