VSEC conducts One Day Orientation Programme for Student Volunteers

Vidya Social Empowerment Center (VSEC), an initiative of Vidya International Charitable Trust, aims to empower essential pillars of society, including parents, children, youth, and teachers. VSEC conducts training, awareness, and motivational programs on relevant topics to bolster self-confidence and self-responsibility, promoting socially committed sustainable living.

 VSEC arranged a one-day orientation program on 22 April 2023 for 33 student volunteers, inclusive of  a new batch of 15 first-year students, between 9 am and 4 pm.The program began with a silent prayer and Sanjo P Regin of (S6, ECE  Dept) welcomed everyone.Dr Siju K C (Head of VSEC and Asst Prof, AS Dept) gave an introduction to Vidya Social Empowerment Center, its vision, mission,organization chart and advantages, emphasizing the long-term benefits students could gain through VSEC.

Midhun Joshy, a resource person (S4, EEE Dept) conducted a session on the importance of human values. He emphasized the significance of values such as honesty, cooperation, forgiveness, love, and saying sorry in personal relationships, organizations, and society. During the session, Midhun encouraged active participation and engagement, making it energetic and informative. He explained how our values reflect our thoughts, and how they are vital for personal growth and development. After the session, first-year students introduced themselves and provided feedback on Midhun’s presentation. They appreciated the interactive approach and the emphasis on practical applications of human values in daily life. Later, Sakthi S (S6,  ECE Dept) took over the session.

After lunch, the students were split into groups for activities, which were really interesting. Initially, each student was given a color and they had to showcase a tableau and a situation theme using the idea the team associated with that color. Then, the team was divided into pairs and were given three minutes to discuss about themselves and introduce their friend’s qualities, providing an opportunity for individuals to know each other. One person from each group also came forward for the concentration activity. After that, there was a photo session with newly joined VSEC members, followed by two outdoor activities which highlighted the team cooperation mentality. Dr Siju concluded the one day session with encouraging remarks on the enthusiasm shown by the student volunteers and the students promised to move forward with new insights and ideas for social empowerment.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending heartiest welcome to all  the newly enrolled Student Volunteers and wishing all the best for all the activities of VSEC with an aim to afford  channel of communication that can be used for educating and motivating the needy students !!!