NSS volunteers place ‘THANEERKUDAM’  (A pot of water for birds) in campus

The NSS volunteers just explored the thought that how lucky we are with enough sources for drinking water every day. But what about other living creatures around us? Summer is at its peak nowadays. Many birds die during this period due to lack of water. ‘Thaneerkudam’ (A pot of water for birds) is one such step taken by the NSS units of Vidya in order to solve this problem. This activity was carried out on 14 April 2023 under the observation of Mr Ranjith E R (NSS Programme Officer and Asst Prof, ME Dept).

Around 20 volunteers participated in this activity wherein they made thaneerkudams using recycled plastic bottles and stored water in them. They hung these bottles throughout the campus where the birds could easily find them.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending heartiest appreciations  to the NSS volunteers  on this noble gesture that upholds the idea that every human being to support the system and remain the biological pace well balanced !!!