Keyboard Mastery Typing Challenge by MuLearn VAST 

The MuLearn  platform offers students the opportunity to network, acquire and demonstrate their skills. With a goal to complete at least ten levels everyday and post proof of completion in the WhatsApp group, Keyboard Mastery Typing Challenge 30-day was  conducted by MuLearn VAST during 13 April- 12 May 2023. Registrations was began on 11 April 2023.  

Participation in the event provided the opportunities to claim karma points in the MuLearn Discord server at Levels 126, 285, 460, and 685.  As many as 45 students completed the first 10 days of the challenge, and 23 accomplished all 30 days successfully.Notably, 8 participants achieved an uninterrupted 30-day streak. They are:

1 Adithia K Dinesh S6 CSE 5 Sivakami Prasanth S6 CSE
2 Anjana Sivadas S6 CSE 6 Joel Joseph S4 CSE
3 Anurag Chandra S6 CSE 7 Sreyas Unni S6 CSE
4 Sarang C Santhosh S6 CSE 8 Vishnukant P K S6 CSE

The challenge proved to be an excellent opportunity to sharpen skills like general typing speed and accuracy, which are immensely useful in hackathons and other time-bound competitions. The overall feedback was positive, encouraging the feasibility of conducting more such events in the future.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulations to Adithia, Anjana, Anurag, Joel, Sarang, Sivakami, Sreyas and  Vishnukant on this covetable achievement that has set a standard of excellence !!!