MuLearn VAST organizes session on ‘Grab Your Super Power’

The MuLearn platform provides  students the prospect to network, attain and exhibit their skills.

MuLearn VAST successfully organized the “Grab Your Super Power” session as part of the GTech MuLearn Weekly Twitch. “Grab Your Super Powers” is an exciting and informative program that helps participants explore new tools and applications that can improve their daily lives. Through this program, participants can gain new skills and knowledge to become more successful and achieve their goals.

The event took place on 08 June 2023 utilizing Google Meet as the hosting platform. Ms Sujishna V P (S6 CSE Dept ), an expert in CSS styling and designing, delivered her knowledge on “Whimsical,” an all-in-one collaboration hub that combines whiteboards and docs, offering a versatile workspace for teams to brainstorm, plan, and collaborate effectively.

The one-hour session was incredibly informative and intriguing, with the speaker delving into great detail about each of the major features offered by the Whimsical tool. Atlast, there was a dedicated question-and-answer session where the participants had the opportunity to seek clarification and ask specific questions related to Whimsical tool.

Overall, the “Grab Your Super Powers” session served as an exciting and informative platform for participants to learn about Whimsical and its capabilities through a live demonstration.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulations to Ms Sujishna and  wishing  all the best to MuLearn VAST group to set an industry-enabled digital  platform for peer knowledge to nurture students with proficiency in IT industry  .!!!