VSEC Members conduct Empowerment Session at SOS Village

Vidya Social Empowerment Center (VSEC), a unit of Vidya International Charitable trust has been arranging empowerment sessions  to strengthen the pillars of society categorised as children, parents, youth and teachers. As a continuum, a session was held at SoS Village Mulayam on 17 June  2023.

Empowerment sessions were handled by Mr Biju P V (Asso Prof, ME Dept, VSEC Member) and Akhila R (Ass Prof, EEE Dept, VSEC Member) with student volunteers, Anjay Krishnan (S2, EEE Dept ) and Akhila M (S6, ECE Dept) under the guidance of Dr Siju K C (Head of VSEC and Asst Prof, AS Dept).

The main topics for the session was “ Improving creativity  through games/activities ” . In this activity-oriented session, around 20 students from 5th to 8th grade participated. All the students participated actively in the session with great enthusiasm and gave very good feedback.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulation to Ms Akhila, Mr Anjay, Mr Biju and Ms Akhila on the successful accomplishment of the session that kindles to fabricate align goals, strengthen competencies and mounting amiable relationships !!!