NSS Orientation Session 2023

To afford practical experiences to newly enrolled NSS Volunteers in different community service programmes, Vidya NSS units organised an orientation session on 11 September 2023. The programme started with an assembly. Dr Saji CB (Principal) addressed the session. Volunteers were given a brief idea about NSS and its activities.The importance of flagship programmes like NRPF,KTU Care, Rudhirasena and Energy Cell were explained to the volunteers. Details regarding new flagship programme PACE were also given.

In the afternoon session the volunteers were divided into groups. Each group was asked to choose a name and moto for the group. An icebreaking session including games and entertainment activities was conducted. All the volunteers actively participated in the games .149 new volunteers, 37 volunteers including volunteers Secretaries s and activity leaders participated in the session.

Mr Rajesh S K (Programme Officer, NSS and Asso Prof, EEE Dept) congratulated the volunteers for their active participation. NSS Programme Officers Mr Rajesh S K (Asso Prof, EEE Dept) and Ms Chithra M (Asst Prof, CE Dept) co-ordinated the event.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending hearty wishes to the newly enrolled NSS Volunteers on upholding Vidya NSS to high altitude and wish you all the luck to signify progressive journey ahead !!!