AIML dept welcomed first year students with much warmth

The event that marked the beginning of a new journey. The Dept of AIML has set a positive tone for their academic experience by organizing a heartwarming and welcome event on 19 September 2023 by the association of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Dept.

The event commenced with a lively cake cutting ceremony. Seniors, faculty, and first-year students gathered around, and together, celebrated the beginning of a new academic year.

The students were greeted by Dr Sunitha C (Vice Principal & HoD AIML Dept) along with the GTs, association members and further most active students of AIML. To foster a sense of belonging and pride, each first-year student received a card with Dept logo. These cards were distributed as a token of warm welcome and as a reminder of the community they are now a part of.

Sweets were shared among all attendees to sweeten the moment and make it even more memorable. Seniors from our department delivered welcome speech that filled with encouragement and advice.They shared personal anecdotes and highlighted the support and guidance available within the academic community. These speeches were inspiring and reassuring to the first-year students.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending heartiest appreciations to AIML Dept for the incredible warmness of your welcome event and wishing all the best to 2023-027 batch students to acquire a peek into professional education with significant passion of nerves and skills !!!