VSEC Empowerment and IEEE Collaborative VTP session at ALA UP school

An empowering and enlightening event was held at ALA UP SCHOOL on 23 September 2023.The event was jointly organized by VSEC (Vidya Social Empowerment Center) and IEEE Smart Village (ISV), focusing on imparting vocational training and fostering a scientific temper among young minds through the latest technologies. The event aimed to empower the students with knowledge and skills relevant to the modern world.
Dr. Sudha Balagopalan (Dean Academics), Dr. Siju K C – Head of VSEC, Asst Prof, AS Dept), Student Volunteers: Varundev A V (S5-ECE B), Fredisha K Francis (S3-EEE) and Anjana Krishna C R (S3-EEE) attended the session.

The programme commenced with a warm welcome speech by the Head Mistress of the School, Mrs Shakila A A, setting an inviting tone for the event. Subsequently, Dr. Sudha Balagopalan delivered an inspiring speech providing a brief insight into IEEE Smart Village, and Dr Siju K C elucidated the objectives of the empowerment session. The PTA President of the school, Mr Pramod Kakkara also welcomed the gathering.

The student volunteers then led an engaging ‘snap circuits’ session, allowing the students to have a hands-on experience with basic circuits, making the learning experience highly interactive and enjoyable. Following this, as part of the VSEC Empowerment session, the students were divided into groups and engaging games were conducted. These activities emphasized the importance of teamwork and coordination, instilling valuable life skills in an entertaining and enjoyable manner.

Feedback from the students was collected, and their enthusiastic participation and positive response were noted. The teachers of the school were actively supportive, contributing to the success of the event. Finally, the Principal of ALA UP SCHOOL expressed gratitude, acknowledging the impact of the event and the value it added to the students’ learning experience.

The event was a resounding success, achieving its objective of empowering young minds with knowledge, fostering teamwork and coordination, and providing a valuable hands-on experience with the latest technologies. It was a step towards shaping the students into scientifically aware and technically proficient individuals, ready to embrace the challenges of the modern world.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending heartiest appreciations to Dr Sudha, Dr Siju, Mr Varundev,Ms Anjana and Ms Fredisha on the thriving conduct of the session that helps interactive experimental and peer acquaintance to deserving students!!!