Google Cloud Study Jam – Info Session 1

Google Developer Students Club is making its way as one of the most optimum platforms for young, budding engineers. It was an impeccable cloak all around the attendees as the Google Developer Students Club (GDSC) VAST conducted the Google Cloud Study Jam – Info Session 1 as an online meeting on 11 September 2023 at 7:30 pm.

The session was hosted by Neha Baju (S7 CSE Dept and Organizational Lead, GDSC VAST). Starting with a pious prayer, the session kickstarted into optimism. The event commenced with a warm welcome from GDSC lead Jesto K J (S7, ECE Dept). He extended his greetings to both the attendees and the distinguished guests. The inspiring words of Dr. Ramani Bai (HOD, CSE Dept.), and Ms. Mithu Varghese (Asst Prof., CSE Dept and Faculty Advisor, GDSC VAST) made a point to stress upon this golden opportunity that has come in the form of GDSC and extended their much needed helping hand and everlasting support.

Ms Shreya Dilip (S5 CSE Dept and Organizational Team member, GDSC VAST) who is selected as a Facilitator of Google Cloud Study Jam event, handled the session thereafter. She articulated all the important points necessary for one to get introduced to the ever growing arena of Cloud Computing Services. Shreya also made sure to guide all of the event participants through the pathways of the Google Cloud Study Jam, Google Cloud Console, various cloud technologies and reiterated her constant aids throughout the session. She also gave the participants a glimpse of all the goodies and rewards waiting for them upon completion of all the tasks, further motivating the active participation of the students.

With the hope of an agile and dynamic participation from the students further in the Google Cloud Study Jam event duration, the virtual event saw a participation of 60 students who had enrolled in the Google Cloud Study Jam 2023 Program and it concluded with a promise of cohesion and euphoria.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulations to Ms Shreya and GDSC Team members on the successful conduct of the session that brings together developers to gain knowledge of Google Cloud technologies !!!