Big round of applause to ISV volunteers on receiving their exemplary award as mentors in the vocational awareness initiative of SA WG, ISV

Vidya is extremely proud that, our committed students deem in stimulating minds, improving intellectual capacity and providing hands-on sessions which they significance for the sheer development of skills across the country.

Vidya has been functioning as a Nodal Centre for IEEE Smart Village (ISV). Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean Academics & Professor in EEE Dept) with the role of Lead – Vocational Awareness, ISV South Asia WG along with faculty co-ordinator Akhila R (Asst Prof, EEE Dept) and committed staff members students are leading various kinds of ISV initiatives at Vidya.

It is with immense sense of honour, the Editorial Team of News & Events is sharing the news that, our proud students received certificates as “outstanding contribution as mentors in the vocational awareness initiative of the South Asia Working Group, IEEE Smart Village.”The certificate was received in an international conference SEFET 2023 held at the Institute of Technical Education and Research (ITER), Bhubaneshwar.

Sakthi S S7, ECE Dept Akhila M S7, ECE Dept
Midhun Joshy S5, EEE Dept Anjay Krishnan S3, EEE Dept
Sanjo P Rejin S7, ECE Dept Ardra Shanmughan S3, EEE Dept
Devika Santhosh S3, EEE Dept Amal Sony S3, EEE Dept
Sakthi S (S7, ECE B) who has been instrumental in implementing all kinds of ISV initiatives in the states including that of Kerala, Tamilnadu and Orissa added “the active participation and dedication of all in all the volunteers have significantly contributed to the success and impact of the vocational awareness initiative, furthering VAST’s commitment to empowering communities through education and technical skills”.

ISV Activities at a glance

Volunteers from VAST have been actively involved in mentoring students at SoS Village, Mulayam, Thrissur. This initiative has already begun to extend its reach to schools under the Vidya Social Empowerment Centre (VSEC), furthering its impact on the community. One of the initial focuses of this program was to provide training in “snap circuits” kits to children and students in the SOS Village and schools affiliated with VSEC in Thrissur. This effort met with great success, prompting an expansion of the vocational awareness initiative to Tirunelveli.

In Tirunelveli, mentors from VAST introduced mentors to electronics and engaged them in snap circuit projects. This expanded initiative reached 24 mentors, who will, in turn, share this knowledge with children in schools surrounding Tirunelveli.

ISV is extending their attempts towards Orissa to provide a level playing field for children with respect to Vocational Awareness. In this ISV, is planning to empower Aashra foundation by offering informal education to 65 children in a slum area between 2 drainage canals. These activities, adapted to meet the needs of underprivileged communities, provide students with valuable insights into emerging technical courses and their potential prospects.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending heartiest congratulation to Sakthi, Akhila, Midhun, Sanjo, Ardra, Devika, Anjay and Amal on this well deserved title that endows with valuable insights into emerging technological areas and invaluable insights.