Placement for 2020-24 batch students at Sutherland

Sutherland is one of the leading IT and IT-enabled services company with offices across the globe. Sutherland is into business transformation services, digital transformation, and into customer engagement transformation business. They support their customers in the areas of banking, health care, insurance, media, retail, technology, travel and hospitality. Sutherland has a global footprint with 61 delivery centers and 38,000 employees. Their corporate offices are located at New York, San Francisco, and London. Please visit:

After the recently concluded placement drive, as many as 53 final year B Tech students from the 2024 graduating batch have been placed with Sutherland for their voice processes. The selection process included a round of online test, JAM, and personal interviews. 

Rasha Kadeeja Abdul Razak B. Tech CE
Sreenandana Shaly B. Tech CE
Aditya Sunil B. Tech CSE
Akhila Suresh Kumar B. Tech CSE
Amina Nisrin T.N B. Tech CSE
Asna Haris B. Tech CSE
Athulia T Rajesh B. Tech CSE
Athulya Santhosh B. Tech CSE
Azmiya P Nameer B. Tech CSE
Elvin Jimmy P B. Tech CSE
Evelina Rose Joju B. Tech CSE
Gopika Babu B. Tech CSE
Hanna Jose B. Tech CSE
Jayakrishnan Marar B. Tech CSE
Lena Biju B. Tech CSE
Malavika Madhu B. Tech CSE
Mohamed Riyas B. Tech CSE
Nevin Nelson B. Tech CSE
Ragitha G B. Tech CSE
Rahul N Manesh B. Tech CSE
Rahul Peter B. Tech CSE
Razin Ahmad Abbas B. Tech CSE
Ritika Panicker B. Tech CSE
Salwa Basheer B. Tech CSE
Sandra Alice John B. Tech CSE
Sandra Mariya Benny B. Tech CSE
Shruthi Sunil B. Tech CSE
Suryajit Ithiparambil Sudheeran B. Tech CSE
Aldreena E.L B. Tech ECE
Analram V S B. Tech ECE
Angel Mary Rose B. Tech ECE
Ann Maria Joy B. Tech ECE
Aparna Jubish B. Tech ECE
Arunima M Sarath B. Tech ECE
Avany Sathyan B. Tech ECE
Grace Antony B. Tech ECE
Hydee Joy B. Tech ECE
Jeeva Haridasan Menon B. Tech ECE
Krishnapriya Suresh B. Tech ECE
Krishnaveni V B B. Tech ECE
Malavika Paliyath B. Tech ECE
Nandana R Kumar B. Tech ECE
Parvathy B. Tech ECE
Remenika. K B. Tech ECE
Sudev B. Tech ECE
Vaanisha Murali B. Tech ECE
Parvathy  Haridas B. Tech EEE
Rishikesh Krishnan K B. Tech EEE
Allwin Joby B. Tech ME
Ebin Babu B. Tech ME
Meghna Vasanth V B. Tech ME
Rohith Sankar E S B. Tech ME
Sibin Joseph B. Tech ME
Congratulations to the placed students !!!