Pathways to Tomorrow: Vidya AIML students collaborate with Dr K P Unnikrishnan, an expert in Deep Learning and AI Innovations

The department of AIML is empowering students with an enriching blend of knowledge exposure and strategic career planning. Dr K P Unnikrishnan (Chief Scientist, eNeuroLearn, a cutting-edge Deep Learning/AI startup based in Ann Arbor, Michigan) is guiding this transformative journey. Dr Unnikrishnan is currently focusing on the development of an AI Elephant.

Students from the department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML), led by Dr Sunitha C(Vice Principal and HoD, AIML Dept) and Ms. Manjusha P D (Asst Prof, AIML Dept) recently seized an invaluable opportunity for a collaborative discourse with Dr. K P Unnikrishnan.The discussion was marked by an enthusiastic exchange of ideas, as students, including Rahul K (S3, AIML Dept), Joise S Arrakkal (S3, AIML Dept), and O. Varada Vijay Menon (S3, AIML Dept) passionately articulated their concerns about the rapidly evolving fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Dr Unnikrishnan recognizing the immense potential within the AIML students, extended a remarkable opportunity for them to actively participate in the institute’s groundbreaking AI Elephant project. Initially tasked with contributing to dataset collection, students are now fervently engaged in the creation of a comprehensive dataset for this ambitious project.

Notably, Dr Unnikrishnan provided students with invaluable insights into their future careers, exploring a multitude of opportunities within the dynamic realm of AI. During these discussions, he shared his wisdom on how to make informed choices regarding prospective companies and delineated the essential requirements to secure the desired positions.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciation to all involved and wishing all the best to new progression continue to shape its trajectory that unleashes the power of innovation !!!