Vidya holding thumbs up for congratulation to the volunteers and emerging talents of Media Team – ADVIKA 2023-24

Advika memories may lighten, but photo/ video help us mitigate these memories again. Couldn’t stop looking at the images that Media team captured on these days of Advika starting from the offstage events during 26 October- 07 November 2023. All of us know the practical difficulties of taking the excellent photos and bearing with such a fussy bunch of people in the midst of the event.

Advika, the arts festival of Vidya, served as a platform for unwavering power of art to highlight the artistic abilities of the students that provided the divine experience of aesthetics to the engineering minds.

Stupendous team work by ADVIKA 2023-24 volunteers

Behind each accomplishment there is an energetic team. Sometimes we see somewhat almost impossible being pulled off and we know that it takes a lot of courage, vision, skill and a good share of luck, but all of that is nothing without a solid team. This year, ADVIKA Volunteers, under the leadership of Abhiram (Arts Club Secretary,S7,ME Dept) and Rohith Sankar E S (Chairperson, S7,ME Dept) the lifeblood  of the event immensely contribute their time, talents, skill, vigor, and enthusiasm to make ADVIKA 2023-24  a resounding success. All the Volunteers under the guidance of Senate Conveners Ms Anooja V S (Asst Prof, EEE Dept) and Mr Sangeeth K K (Asst Prof, ME Dept) were passionate and donated their time and skills to make a positive impact.

Media Team

Much dedicated media team led by Vishnu N M (S7,CSE Dept) who have worked hard to document that particular moment capture such, memorable and prevailing emotion that depicted incredible imagination and all appreciated their efforts in capturing such powerful emotions. Their new ideas, creativity and self-development every day brought to an era of witnessing the arts festival through different lenses and perspectives.

# Name of student Sem & Branch
1 Vishnu N M  S7,CSE Dept
2 Neeraj Kaippara  S5,ME Dept
3 Anson Risson S3, AIML Dept
4 Segin Xavier K S7,EEE Dept
5 Adityan M S S3,CSE Dept
6 Jasim Shadeej  S3, AIML Dept
7 Alen Mani K Gregory  S5,CSE Dept
Both video and photography team captured stunning shots with right emotions and the right vision of the pictures including that of happiness and performances, shots of vivid emotions and wonderful moods, fresh and unusual ideas, unique plots and a wide variety of subjects for photography. They have also released the highlights of off stage and onstage events to be aired on audio visual media as well. Most of the times they exhibited special talent for noticing the smallest details when looking at the performances and emotions through a camera lens exude a positive, charged with enthusiasm.
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulation to the entire ADVIKA 2023-24 Media Team on their commendable talents that presents an ocean of juicy colors and the brightest feelings through different lenses and perspectives and take the arts festival through a kaleidoscope of memories !!!