Vidya Kho Kho team Men Team wins trophy for Champion and women team wins second runner up in E Zone Inter Collegiate Championship

Vidya students contribute in numerous of extra-curricular activities, which make them to test their talents in sports as well.

It is with great privilege, the Dept of Physical Education is sharing the news that, Vidya Kho Kho team men team wins trophy for Champion and women’s team wins second runner up in the E Zone Inter Collegiate Championship  held at GEC, Palakkad during 24-25 November 2023.

# Name Department
1 Ayoob A Zainudheen S3, M.Tech, SE, CE Dept
2 Asif A Z S5, CE  Dept
3 Albin Lazer  S7, CE Dept
4 Sourav Krishna P  S1, CSE Dept
5 Ahammed Sinan  S1, CSE Dept
6 Nanda Kishore   A  S5, CSE Dept
7 Alex Sabu  S3, EEE Dept
8 Aravind Krishna  S3, EEE Dept
9 Mohamed Rizwan P  S1, EEE Dept
10 Antony Anand Moylan  S7, ECE Dept
11 Aswin Jayathilakan  S5, ME Dept
12 Abhinav A S  S5, ME Dept
13 Dijith E  S5, ME Dept
14 Athul Krishna C S  S7, ME Dept
15 Abin Babu S1, M.Tech, ES, ECE Dept

Kho Kho Team – Women
# Name Department
1 Cilla E J S3, AIML Dept  
2 Mariya Derby S3, AIML Dept  
3 Gayathri Vennankot Govind S3, AIML Dept  
4 Naida Krishna K U S3, AIML Dept  
5 Nikhil T P S7, CE Dept  
6 Harsha M J S7, CE Dept
7 Saniya E S1, CE Dept
8 Anjana Unni S1, ECE Dept
9 Namitha P Menon S5, CSE Dept
10 Siya Nesrin V A S3, CSE Dept
11 Ima T S S3, CSE Dept
12 Arundhathi C S7, ECE Dept  
13 Nikhitha T P S7, ECE Dept  
14 Kavya P D S5, ECE Dept  
15 Krishnasree U P S1, EEE Dept
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to all the winners on this prestigious feat that gives pride in your achievement and your dedication to excellence !!!