Vidya staff members spread the spirit of joy @ Staff Club Day and celebration of Christmas ‘GLORIA 2023’

Staff Club Day and celebration of Christmas took on unique flavors and Vidya Staff Members infusing its traditions and cultural charm into the festivities. The annual cultural program is an event that was eagerly anticipated by many. It was a time when Staff Members come together to celebrate and enjoy a fun-filled day of entertainment.
The venue for the cultural program was decorated in a colorful and vibrant manner. The event began with a with a soulful prayer by Ms Akhila R (Asst Prof, EEE Dept). Mr Sudhan K R (Trade Instructor, Grade II ME Dept) delivered welcome address .The memories shared by Dr Saji C B (Principal), Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean-Academics), Dr Sunitha C (Vice Principal, HoD, AIML Dept), Dr Abhilasha P S (Staff Club Advisor, HoD, CE Dept) offered truly a spectacle to observe and sets the perfect tone for the day’s festivities.Mr Suresh Lal (Executive Director),Er E G Asokan (Trustee Co-ordinator, VICT) and Mr Boby Peter (Asst Manager – General Administration) made special addressed on the occasion.The ceremonial lighting of the traditional lamp marked the commencement of the program. Cake cutting ceremony performed by Mr Suresh Lal and all the dignitaries along with the kids of staff members made unlimited joy of celebrating the festival and was visible on the faces of all attendees. Ms Neenu Thomas (Staff Club Secretary and Asst Prof, EEE Dept) proposed vote of thanks.The dazzling entry of Santa Claus (Mr Alex Chacko (Asst Prof, ME Dept) added to the joy and excitement. Santa Claus was roaming all over the auditorium .
Christmas E card competition
With an aim to promote creativity and self-expression among staff members and their family members, ‘Christmas E card competition’ was conducted. Many of them participated with great passion and fervor. ), Dr Sunitha C (Vice Principal, HoD, AIML Dept) and Dr Vineetha C P (Asso Prof, Applied Sciences Dept) served as judges of the E card competition.

First Prize Mr Arun Xavier (Asst Prof, EEE Dept)
Second Prize Devikanath P V  (Trade Instructor, CE Dept)
Third Prize Vedhika M S (Daughter of Bhavana Vishwanath (Office Assistant)
Carol Singing Competition
Carol singing competition served as a perfect platform to welcome the spirit of Christmas among the gathering as well to boost the talents possessed by staff members. A total of 7 teams participated and showcased their creative take on carols. Dr Jiby Jose (HoD, AS Dept) and Dr Reji C Joy(HOD, MCA) were the judges for the event

First Prize Dept of ECE
Second Prize VICT Office 
Charismatic Cultural performances by Vidya Staff  & their family members

The mesmerizing performance of Vedhika M S (Daughter of Bhavana Vishwanath (Office Assistant) marked a delight for eyes and ears and left the viewers spellbound. The entire atmosphere reverberated with the echoes of applause of the participants on the charismatic dance performance of Ms Athira K R (Asst Prof, AS Dept) that offered a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage.The vivacious event witnessed vocal and writing prowess with a Malayalam poem written and recited by Mr K Vijayanarayanan  (Library Attendant). To keep the entertaining wave alive, harmonious songs that sung by Dr S Swapna Kumar (HoD, ECE Dept), Ms Gilsha P V (Receptionsit cum Office Assistant), Ms Gloria Anto (Asst Prof, CE Dept), Ms Athira K S (Trade Instructor, CE Dept), Mr Manu (Asst Prof, AS Dept), Mr Santumon S D (Asst Prof, ECE Dept) and Ms Shegna (Asst Prof, ECE Dept) brought the festive cheer.The atmosphere was electric with the dance of EEE Dept under the leadership of Dr Mary P Varghese (HoD, EEE Dept). To keep the cheering wave alive, the performance of CSE Dept led by Dr Ramani Bai (HoD, CSE Dept) amazed the crowd with a sensation of rhythm and intrinsic elegance. The charming performance of AIML Dept enchanted the audience.

The show stealer of the day was the revivifying performance of ECE Dept led by Dr S Swapna Kumar (HoD, ECE Dept) and It was so heartening to see a doctor dancing and enjoying the moment. Everyone sat glued to the show once the performance started and the leading oncologist, Dr Sona (Asst Prof, Govt Medical College, Thrissur, wife of Dr S Swapna Kumar) began to twist her arms and hands and bend her body to the rhythms of a musical beat with ECE staff members that stunned the spectators. To stay the encouraging sign alive, kids of Roshni (Asst Prof, CE Dept) Advaith also performed that gave cultural charm.

Bumper Prize Winners
An array of games were also arranged to strengthen the team spirit of staff members. Dr Vineetha C P (Asso Prof, AS Dept) and Vedhika M S( Daughter of Bhavana Vishwanath (Office Assistant) got first and second prize of Lucky Draw Competition.
The energetic compeering done by Mr Sudhan K R (Trade Instructor, Grade II, ME Dept) astounded the crowd and kept the event vigorous. Ms Neenu Thomas (Staff Club Secretary and Asst Prof, EEE Dept) played the pivotal role to make this event a resounding success with the support of Staff Club Executive Committee members and Vidya staff members.
Finally, between the stunning costumes, upbeat music, vigorous dancing, and overall contagious energy were displayed by all the staff members irrespective of Depts with a strong sense of rhythm and innate physical charm and they enjoyed the time Kalasakkottu. This session contributed to a fun-filled day that is not to be missed and an opportunity to appreciate, and celebrate the diversity that build us who we are.
Staff Club Day and Christmas celebration ‘GLORIA 202’ with lively decorations, exciting performances, and delicious food all contributed to a fun-filled day that provided garner support and a cheering section with boundless joy of celebrating together through resilience of harmony and joyfulness of Vidya’s traditions  !!!