CE Dept welcomes to attend Three Days FDP on “Harmony in Structures: Bridging Vastu and Civil Engineering”

Vidya provides all possible efforts to act as a bridge between traditional wisdom with modern engineering to create environments that promote well-being and positive energy flow.

The Dept of CE is actively involving in consultancy services in various specializations of Civil Engineering including that of various activities connected with LSGD (Local Self-Government Department) projects as part of the Rebuild Kerala Initiative (RKI). The activities include quality monitoring tests of roads in Wayanad District, Total Station survey of Toyakkavu-Venkitangu Road, Paris Road in Kandanassery, Athirappally Road, Thandilam-Manali Road, Punnayurkulam Road, Chittanda–Padinjattumuri Road, Kuranchery Road, Thali-Viruttanam Road, Aloor Road and Mathilakam Road. These activities were well appreciated and the Govt of Kerala gave sanction to the Dept to serve as the second tier in the quality control mechanism .

With an aim to foster a comprehensive understanding by integrating Vastu principles into civil engineering practices, the Dept of CE, in association with ISTE FACULTY CHAPTER,VAST is organizing Three Days Faculty Development Programme on “Harmony in Structures: Bridging Vastu and Civil Engineering” during 22-24 January 2024 for Faculty members / M.Tech / M.Plan students from KTU affiliated College.Participants will explore mathematical aspects of Vastu, applying geometric ratios for balanced structures.

Registration Link https://forms.gle/fWcDNu2mcn3ThxNLA
Sri. Kanipayyur Krishnan Namboodiripad Dean, Vasthu Vidya Gurukulam, Department of Culture, Govt. of Kerala
Dr C. V Lal Former Professor&HoD (Retd.),Government Engineering College, Thrissur
Dr Ashalatha Thampuran Former Principal College of Engineering, Trivandrum Executive Director, Mohandas College of Engineering and Technology, Trivandrum
Mr. Navaneeth E.P Director – Operations, Live Homes, Thrissur
Points of Contact:
Convener Dr Abhilasha P.S (Professor & HoD) 9446 232370
Co-ordinator Dr Anjali P Sasidharan  (Asso. Professor) 94951 96766
Co-Coordinator Ms Kalyani Vijayakumar (Asst. Professor) 85475 93336